Are you a ‘Tough Love’ Leader?

Nowadays a kind of tough love leadership is required to enable leaders to juggle the expectations and ambiguities of the business with the emotional and physical needs of their team. To ensure this, leaders need to:

  • Have honest relationships with people
  • Encourage useful and stimulating conflict and challenge
  • Balance innovation and imagination with a desire to execute
  • Solve problems and seize opportunities one step at a time
  • Understand their role in releasing the potential and capacity of people
  • Have an awareness of stress and pressure in themselves and in others
  • Build capacity to help cope when resilience is needed

We have assembled some useful resources to help you understand the benefits of building resilience in the leadership role and how to make tough love work in your organisation. In addition, we also have our professional coaching approaches that can help you really get to grips with the subject!

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Resilience is about maximising potential, making the most of what you have to perform more efficiently. It allows us to innovate, learn and become more creative. It helps us deal with change and achieve high objectives by improving potential and boosting performance.

Building our capacity for resilience increases our capacity to perform. So effective leaders need to be able to spot when resilience is being compromised in themselves and their teams. They then need to develop it or create the right environment for resilience to flourish so that it’s there when it is needed.

We believe that building resilience is part of this process, recognising and building tools and strategies to develop greater self awareness and self management as part of the process to benefit from the approaches utilised in Mental Toughness and Emotional Intelligence to allow sensible applications both in 'real life' as well as at work.

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