Resilience is traditionally defined as the ability to bounce back. It could be bouncing back from adversity or bouncing back from a situation where you haven't succeeded or when change or challenge arises.

Personal Resilience is the ability to perform under pressure, bounce back from difficult circumstances and manage your overall health and performance. Improving resilience will produce a calmer, more focused, strategic and effective you. It's a great way of dealing with pressure and stress ‘in the moment’.

This Resilience ROPES package helps you understand where your own resilience levels lie. It will help you build a greater understanding of your cognitive, emotional and physical functioning as well as understanding and playing to the strengths of your personality, allowing you to manage these more effectively in the context of your home and working environments.

This pack is also part of the Resilience Coaching Solution. We wanted to give you the opportunity to access it as a stand alone package as it holds a wealth of information. This then gives you to option to book a coaching session at a later date if you desire.

ROPES and session objectives

What does ROPES mean?

ROPES is our innovative Resilience Model created to deliver 'Performance on Purpose'.

We focus on how our cognition, emotions, physiology and personality affect our potential - building knowledge, skills and tools to develop self-regulation, optimism, a sense of purpose, energy and stamina to improve and enhance our resilience, performance, wellness and happiness.

By the end of the session you will have:

  • Understood the outputs of the ROPES questionnaire
  • Understood some of the crucial points behind each element of ROPES
  • Have completed actions and activities to help you build your capacity for resilience

What does the Package include?

Resilience ROPES package

Following the purchase of this package, you will be emailed with a receipt that will direct you to the Resilience ROPES page where you can view the video and download the questionnaire, notes and task sheets

  • Feedback used to really knock me, but now I welcome it!
  • I now realise that everything is my choice. I choose how I let things affect me and how I react.
  • I used to run away from anything that might challenge me but not anymore
  • This has changed me as a person. I feel less stressed about work, more calm and in control of my actions and decisions.

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Lots of people offer this type of programme - how is this different..?  We have delivered Resilience programmes in companies and organisations for many years so we have a tremendous track record of success. We now are excited to use this online method to get our message to a wider audience. Our style is to be totally practical and ensure you get the answers you need to help yourself. Count on change happening - that's what we deliver every day!

How does it all work?  It's simple really. Once you have clicked on the link above and purchased the Resilience ROPES Package, you will receive details to enable you to login and start accessing materials. 

Can my employer/company make the payment? - Yes, we are happy to invoice and accept your registration when that is set up and authorised - again contact us at You should talk to us about savings if more than one person from the same company would like to purchase the package!

How long will it take me to complete the session? As this is an online package, you can complete it in your own time and at your own pace. There is no time pressure.

Is there a guarantee? Yes - At the end of the programme, if you have actioned everything you have agreed and actually followed the process and if you can look Russell in the eye and say there has been no change, then your money will be refunded - no if's, no but's.....

You can find out more about us here at

We are all looking forward to supporting you on your journey of building your own Personal Resilience, helping you make the changes you need to live the life you want to lead.

Start to make that change happen

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