When faced with adversity, tragedy, difficulty, threats of stress or trauma, resilience is our ability to adapt and move on from these difficult experiences.

Testing times may involve dealing with a difficult issue or person, stressful relationship, work pressure, change of job, moving house, divorce, a death of a loved one, health problem…. or you may want to become more resilient to protect yourself and help yourself get through whatever life throws at you.

Being resilient doesn’t mean that a person does not experience distress or pain, but they have the tools to get through, build on that experience and come back stronger.

Do you know how resilient you are?

Everyone has the ability to build or maintain their levels of resilience.

We have created a Personal Resilience Questionnaire to reveal which of the five key components you may naturally draw on for resilience, and which areas you may need to work on to improve your resilience. You may want to build on any areas of strength or manage any potential areas of risk.

Over a set of 70 statements, you will be able to decide whether you agree or disagree that they are usually true for you. The outcome is to provide a snapshot of your opinion of your Personal Resilience.

If you are more aware of your resilience levels - that is the first step in building resilience. This will help you understand where to spend your time and effort to improve your resilience, performance and wellbeing.


  • QED Personal Resilience Questionnaire

    Questionnaire as a downloadable pdf, containing 70 statements that you can agree or disagree with and a score chart

  • Insights

    An explanation of what each area of the questionnaire means to help you understand where to build or improve

QED Personal Resilience Questionnaire

The Resilience Questionnaire is a downloadable pdf which includes a score chart. An explanation of the questionnaire results is located on the QED Questionnaire page which you will also gain access to.

If you require any further information about the QED Personal Resilience Questionnaire, please contact us on info@qedod.com

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