Why Coaching?

One-to-one Evaluation Coaching will push you to do things you likely would never do on your own.

Coaching helps you see things differently. It can help you write and break down your goals and get you into the right mindset, pushing you to think outside the box and take your aspirations to the next level. Knowing both where you want to be and what you have to do today are key to building your evaluation solution.

Our experienced Coaches asks questions to get the answer from you, as the aim is to stretch your thinking and lets say, be your thinking partner. 

Our structured conversations will be around the topic you choose and work towards results.

Working with a coach gives you the time, the space and the focus as the coach’s skill is in helping you think deeply and widen your thinking, so you get the best possible range of your own solutions.

Our Evaluation Coach

I am an expert Learning & Development specialist and Human Capital consultant.

My background is in Operational and Business Management at an Executive and Non Executive level, as well as being an experienced Human Capital Consultant. I have a proven track record in creating and delivering high value and effective business solutions for clients, especially within Culture Change, Performance Improvement and Evaluation in Programmes and Functions.

My qualifications in Psychology, Executive Coaching, Business Administration and Evaluation have helped shape a dynamic, challenging and effective approach, blending practicality and imagination to create new results. Effecting tangible and non tangible business factors allows for the creation of new approaches and transformative outcomes.

Dr Russell Thackeray

Having completed a Doctorate in Evaluation, I have devised new evaluation methods that have revolutionised and transformed how L&D can evaluate effectively using limited resources.

I am looking forward to helping you understand what to evaluate, why, what to benchmark against and how to use data to identify target areas for development which will provide the best value back into your organisation.

You may be dabbling in evaluation or have thought about doing some but are unclear of how to move forward.

You may be finding that.... it's just too hard and really difficult to measure behaviour.....it's too time consuming......it's kind of an afterthought to training... or it's just not a priority!

But you really know you should be doing more........ as effective evaluation will help you:

  • evaluation table imageProtect your budget, or even justify a larger budget whilst use your budget to its fullest
  • Prioritise time and effort to make the biggest impact possible
  • Identify and show the value of training achievements
  • Ensure the minimum load on the business from training with the maximum outcomes
  • Ensure impact and ROI is created and delivered
  • Provide data for continuous improvement and development
  • Ensure responsibility and accountability for learning and outputs is seen as a wider obligation for managers and delegates
  • Obtain faster returns on training and raise learning expectation

Let us help you

Let us help you

When strategically built into learning, evaluation methods can provide insightful, targeted data, to help make the right decisions. Our coach will work with you to help you prove the value of what is generated and produced by your L&D function or team.

  • You may be ‘at the top of your game' - with respected and trusted analytics but want stay ahead of the ‘game'
  • You may have a welter of information and data and are struggling to make sense of it all
  • You may be wondering what’s the best ‘first step’ to start evaluating without disappearing into a dark alley of wasted effort and disinterest

Coaching helps you look at the issues in front of you and build tools and approaches to gain control of your reputation and L&D processes - to truly create ‘Performance on Purpose’

Online Evaluation Coaching Session HALF PRICE offer

1 hour Skype evaluation coaching session with Dr Russell Thackeray

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