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Set yourself free to live the life you want to lead

Reduce Stress and Anxiety whilst Improve Wellness, Confidence and Performance

One-to-one Resilience Coaching will push you to do things you likely would never do on your own.

Coaching help you see things differently. Coaches can help you to write and break down your goals and get you into the right mindset, push you to think outside the box and take your aspirations to the next level. Knowing both where you want to be and what you have to do today are key to building your own personal resilience, increasing your potential, reducing stress and enabling yourself to live the life you want to lead.

Our experienced Coaches asks questions and get the answer from you, because the coach’s aim is to stretch your thinking and lets say, be your thinking partner.

Our structured conversations will be around the topic you choose and work towards results.

Working with a coach gives you the time, the space and the focus. The coach’s skill is in helping you think deeply and widen your thinking, so you get the best possible range of your own solutions.

Head Resilience Coach: Dr Russell Thackeray

Dr Russell Thackeray

I am a human capital consultant who is highly experienced and passionate about improving peoples performance through building resilience, to increase business value.

My innovative Resilience models and strategies have been created to develop resilient cultures, teams and  people, which are paramount when dealing with and adapting to change.

My qualifications in Psychology, Executive Coaching and Business Administration, have helped shape my dynamic, challenging and effective thinking.

I am looking forward to helping you make the changes you need, to help you rise and flourish in this ever changing world.

Resilience is the 'secret sauce' that helps improve your performance and happiness both at work and in your personal life. The first step is to realise that you can improve things, the next step is making things happen.

With support and guidance we can do it together - so go on, join us and make change happen.

Building your Resilience is a learnable skill.

It will enable you to bounce back from adversity, challenges or change. If we learn to do this quickly and efficiently using practical tools, strategies and resources, we can transform relationships, feel better about ourselves, improve our emotional intelligence, health and wellness and be well on the way to building personal success and happiness both in our work and personal life.

Personal Resilience is all about managing energy and creating balance in the key areas of mental, emotional and physiological performance and to be able to manage these within a personal context and working environment. This allows us to unlock our performance potential and feel happy and fulfilled both inside and outside of work.

Building Personal Resilience will:

  • Increase your ability to remain task-focused and productive whilst experiencing challenge and pressure
  • Build knowledge and understanding as to how resilience levels relate to your confidence, energy and performance improvement
  • Provide techniques to control your physiological response to pressure and maintain effective performance when feeling stretched
  • Increase your capacity to sustain performance and focus during change
  • Improve your self control and self-management capabilities, in order to positively influence your performance
  • Boost your energy, clarity, attitude and engagement
  • Increase your ability to bounce back from setbacks, emerging stronger and more resourceful

Our Coaching brings your resilience learning to life and makes it relevant to you.

The Resilience Coaching aims to deal with "work" and "home life" issues such as:

  • improving relationships
  • conflict
  • change
  • tiredness
  • bullying
  • workload issues
  • career frustration
  • rectifying mistakes
  • receiving feedback
  • dealing with loss
  • anxiety and other emotions

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We can organise a convenient time for you to have a chat with one of our Resilience Experts.

Individual Online Resilience Coaching

One individual online coaching session to look at your own specific needs and issues and apply the learning to your situation where you can discuss any aspect of work or personal life and receive support and guidance.

Duration of approx 1 hour via Skype

We will be in touch to arrange a convenient time for your Coaching session

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lots of people offer coaching - how is this different..?  We have delivered Resilience programmes in companies and organisations for many years so we have a tremendous track record of success. We now are excited to use this online method to get our message to a wider audience. Our style is to be totally practical and ensure you get the answers you need to help yourself. Count on change happening - that's what we deliver every day!

How does it all work?  It's simple really. Once you have clicked on the link above and purchased the Resilience Coaching session, we will organise a convenient time for your session via email.

Who will be my Coach?  Dr Russell Thackeray heads up our Coaching Team and he will be your designated coach.

All of our coaches are qualified, experienced and have been working in this field for many years. They have also 'lived life' so bring to bear their own experiences of challenges and successes.

Can I split the payment?  As a principle, we prefer you to have made a proper financial commitment to your personal development - but if you have a genuine problem, you can contact us via

Can my employer/company make the payment? - Yes, we are happy to invoice and accept your registration when that is set up and authorised - again contact us at You should talk to us about savings if more than one person from the same company would like to purchase the package!

You can find out more about us here at

We are all looking forward to supporting you on your journey of building your own Personal Resilience, helping you make the changes you need to live the life you want to lead.

 Start to make that change happen

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